Randy McDonald brings 20+ years of both road and studio experience. His ten-year gig with The Dynatones, and a more recent decade with The Tommy Castro Band, have paid off by gifting him with extraordinarily deep grooves. "Randy McDonald creates bass lines as intricate as any I've ever heard, weaving through Castro's guitar work," said Philip Elwood of The San Francisco Examiner. And lest one entertain ideas about bass players making peculiar front men, Randy's epic touring schedule (he's logged well over a million miles) has borne fruit in the rousing persona of roadhouse party ringleader.

If you took a close look at Randy’s McDonald's career over the past 20 years, you might not think anyone in such position would have time for a side project. But as Randy says, "I’m not starting a solo career, I just want a milestone on the path of my career as a musician".

You may have seen him step to the mike on occasion to lead the band through any number of raucous R&B and original tunes. "Randy McDonald creates bass lines as intricate as any I’ve ever heard, weaving through Castro’s guitar work" -- Philip Elwood (San Francisco Examiner).


Randy McDonald Randy McDonald's "Wild Side"

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